Usage CounterMozilla Firefox extension to track how much time you have spent using the browser and browsed sites.2007-08-24
Router StatusMozilla Firefox extension that allows you to control and view the status of your router. The project has been discontinued.2011-01-06
Pidgin PluginsPlugins for the Pidgin Instant Messenger client.2007-11-24
Moola 3P APICollection of PHP classes to use Moola's 3P API ( Skip the boring implementation details and go straight to developing games!2010-08-10
HP 50G ProgramsPrograms for the HP 50g series of calculators.2008-12-06
GSQuerySet of Python scripts to query master and game servers including GameSpy [1/2/3], Half-Life, Source, Quake [3/4/World], and All-Seeing-Eye.2008-12-06
Gamer ToolsMozilla Firefox extension with many tools for video game addicts. Includes a game server browser, PunkBuster screenshot browser and status information viewer for All-Seeing-Eye, GameSpy, Half-Life, Quake, and Source servers.2008-01-16